Theory Only Option

NAPNES Approved LPN Refresher Course – Theory Only Option

Is The Theory Only Option For You?

  • Are you an LPN seeking out an opportunity to update your knowledge base?
  • Has your focus been in one specific area for a while, and now you would like to review all the general and basic concepts you learned when you first went through your LPN program?
  • Are you ready to move on to a different role and looking for a way to refresh your mind about the content and theories you once learned?
  • Have you had a problem passing your state board examination?
  • Are you looking for a comprehensive review to help you prepare to retake the NCLEX-PN and be successful?

If you can relate to any of these situations, then purchasing only the theory component of the LPN Refresher Course is probably the option for you.

The Theory Only Option gives you 9 month access to the 16 modules of the course, and to the 200 question final exam. Each module includes online activities, textbook readings, and workbook assignments.

Passing all post tests and the final exam with a minimum score of 75% is required. After successful completion of the theory portion of the course, a certificate of successful completion will be awarded.

The Theory Only Option is a comprehensive review, including, but not limited to:

  • Basic nursing with step-by-step instructions on nursing procedures
  • Nursing care guidelines
  • Important medications
  • NCLEX-PN style review questions

In addition, the Theory Only Option addresses employment opportunities, job-seeking skills, and covers updated information on current and relevant topics related to healthcare.

What is the cost difference?

  • Entire course: $895!
  • Theory only: $595

Which is right for me?

The Theory Only Option does not include the 120 hours of clinical.

The Theory Only Option would be primarily for nurses who have been in active practice but just want to update their information, or new grads who’ve recently had their clinical experiences but who’ve had a problem passing state boards.

Anyone who’s been out of the clinical environment for any length of time (5 years or more), is looking to get back into the healthcare workforce, or has been mandated by their state to take a refresher/re-entry/re-activation course, needs to take the full LPN Refresher Course.

Definition and explanation of the dorsal recumbent position. See also nursing brain sheet.