Course Overview

LPN/LVN Refresher Course Overview

The LPN/LVN refresher course consists of a three-phase process:

  • 120 hours of theory (presented online)
  • 200-question multiple-choice final exam
  • 120 hours of clinical practice in an approved healthcare facility


  • Specifically geared toward previously-licensed LPNs or LVNs
  • Self-paced 16-module online course
  • Full technical support provided
  • NAPNES approved for 240 total contact hours
  • Approved and/or accepted by the vast majority of states for re-instatement of lapsed or inactive licenses

Application Process (Prerequisites)

Prior to being registered in the online LPN/LVN refresher course, the nursing student must provide information to a Nurse Educator who will:

  • Confirm that you’ve completed the application for the online LPN/LVN Refresher Course
  • Confirm the receipt of a copy of the graduation certificate from an approved school of practical nursing or transcript showing completion date of LPN/LVN program
  • Verify your current licensure (active or LEL – Limited Educational License)

Once the documents have been verified, the nursing student will be given a password to log on to the system and begin the online portion of the LPN/LVN Refresher Course.

Online Theory Course (120 hrs)

The nursing student will have one (1) year to complete all three phases of the LPN/LVN Refresher Course, with one 3-month extension allowed. If an extension is needed, the nursing student must notify a Nurse Educator in writing at least 30 days prior to the 1-year refresher course deadline.

All 16 modules of the theory portion must be completed with a minimum of 75%, (or state requirement), on all post assessment (each assessment can be completed a maximum of three times).  Final exam score must be 75% or above, (or state requirement), prior to beginning active clinical hours.

Clinical Practice (120 hrs)

After successful completion of the online portion of the LPN/LVN Refresher Course, but before beginning the clinical practicum, the nursing student must submit the following:

  • Copy of current CPR card (healthcare provider/Level C – within 6 months)
  • Current TB test (within one year) and immunizations required by individual facility
  • Satisfactory criminal background check
  • Proof of professional liability insurance
  • Complete registration for clinical practice

The clinical practicum must be completed under the guidance of a preceptor at a clinical site that meets LPN/LVN Refresher Course requirements. The nursing student is solely responsible to secure a clinical site and will provide the clinical site Nurse Administrator with the “Letter to the Clinical Site” form. In addition, the nursing student will provide the preceptor with the:

  • Letter to the preceptor
  • Skills and competencies checklist
  • Clinical outline
  • Guidelines for nurse performance
  • Nurse evaluation by preceptor
  • Provider-preceptor contact forms

The nursing student will need to submit the following completed and signed documents to the Nurse Educator for verification before scheduling any clinical time:

  • Preceptor agreement form
  • Registration for clinical practice
  • Preceptor’s verification of licensure form

LPN/LVN Refresher Program Finalization

After completion of the application process and the online portion of the LPN/LVN Refresher Course, achieving a passing score on the final examination, and fulfilling the clinical requirements, the nursing student must submit the following in order to receive the certificate of completion:

  • Clinical Experience Completion Verification Form
  • Clinical Time Sheet
  • Skills & Competencies Checklist
  • Preceptor’s Recommendation for Licensure
  • Student Self-Assessment
  • Learner/Nurse Evaluation of the Clinical Experience

After earning the certificate of completion, the nursing student will need to submit a copy of this certificate and the verification of successful completion of the NAPNES approved LPN/LVN Refresher Course to his/her state Board of Nursing to apply for re-activation of the license.

Full information on nursing brain sheet and qid medical abbreviation.